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 Lawyers Association
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OCWLA & Whittier Law School Hosts Annual Women Judges Reception

On April 25, 2017, the Orange County Women Lawyers Association hosted its annual Women Judges Reception, an event celebrating women on the bench and encouraging women to consider a judicial career.  The reception took place at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa with approximately 80 guests from the bench and the bar. 

OCWLA President Michelle Tran welcomed attendees and was pleased to introduce CWL President Chris Goodman.  Chris shared many of CWL’s judicial initiatives including CWL’s award winning So You Want to Be a Judge program and CWL’s judicial evaluation process.  She also shared some of CWL’s current initiatives and the upcoming Elect to Run program. 

~ Michelle A. Philo, CWL Affiliate for OCWLA & OCWLA Vice President
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