Orange County Women
 Lawyers Association
For Women Lawyers and Those Who Support Their Advancement

Member Committees

OCWLA 2022 Committee Assignments

  1. Awards Committee

    1. Chair: Heidi Plummer

    2. Members: Jessica Achtsam, Kelly Galligan Dunn, Allyson Thompson

  2. Book Club

    1. Chair: Dana Heyde

    2. Members: Betty Fracisco, Jessica Munk, Heather Stangle-Smith, Heidi Plummer

  3. Events Committee

    1. Chair: Jessica Munk

    2. Members: Caroline Djang, Heather Stangle-Smith, Ashley Vernick, Allyson Thompson, Meldie Moore

  4. Finance Committee

    1. Chair: Caroline Djang

    2. Members: Tracy Hughes

  5. Gala Committee

    1. Chair: Jessica Munk

    2. Members: All members of the Board

    3. Gala Foundation Liaison: Kelly Galligan Dunn 

  6. Governance Committee 

    1. Chair: Dana Heyde

  7. Law Student Outreach Committee 

    1. Chair: Antionette Balta

    2. Members: Heidi Plummer, Allyson Thompson

  8. Listserv

    1. Chair: Dana Heyde

    2. Members: Caroline Djang, Meldie Moore, Antoinette Balta

  9. Nominating Committee 

    1. Chair: Jessica Munk

    2. Member: Dana Heyde 

  10. Membership Committee 

    1. Chair: Laurie Rowen

    2. Members: Kelly Galligan Dunn, Tracy Hughes, Heidi Plummer

  11. OCWLA Store 

    1. Chair: Jessica Achtsam

  12. Philanthropy Committee

    1. Chair: Heather Stangle-Smith

    2. Members: Laurie Rowen, Meldie Moore, Antoinette Balta, Allyson Thompson

  13. Programs Committee

    1. Co-Chairs: Caroline Djang (Jan – May) & Tracy Hughes (June – Nov.)

  14. Social Media Committee

    1. Chair: Laurie Rowen 

    2. Members: Dana Heyde

  15. Website Committee

    1. Chair: Jessica Achtsam

    2. Member: Dana Heyde

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