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Philanthropic Giving

Philanthropic Giving Mission

It is the goal of the Orange County Women Lawyers Association to make charitable gifts to non-profits in the spirit of assisting the advancement of the status of women and children in law and society in matters including, but not limited to:
  1. Offering legal, education, awareness, and prevention services to the women and children who are victims of domestic violence.
  2. Gender discrimination, harassment or bias against women.
  3. The unmet legal needs of females and children, particularly programs that support and improve the administration of justice.

Philanthropic Giving Application Policy

One time each calendar year, the OCWLA board shall review all applications for OCWLA’s philanthropic giving. All submissions must be received by January 31. After the submissions are received, each applicant will be assigned to an OCWLA Philanthropy Committee board member who will learn about the applicant organization. The board member should consider speaking with the applicant and conducting a site visit. Philanthropic gifts may range up to $5,000 per organization in a one year period. Maximum gift amounts may be modified by the board.  Grants will be awarded during the first quarter of the year.

Any OCWLA board member who is affiliated with an organization that submits an application for a philanthropic gift, either as a member, board member, or officer, shall refrain from voting on that organization’s gift from OCWLA.  

In deciding which organizations should receive philanthropic gifts, OCWLA’s board should consider the following:

  1. Whether the gift will facilitate volunteerism and community service by members of OCWLA.
  2. Whether the gift will bring positive public attention to OCWLA.
  3. Whether the gift will meet OCWLA’s philanthropic giving policy.
  4. Whether the goals and objectives of an organization are consistent with OCWLA’s philanthropic giving application mission.
  5. Whether the Organization is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.
OCWLA shall observe the following limitations, and should not make philanthropic gifts to the following organizations:
  1. Organizations having a religious, political or lobbying purpose, unless these activities are incidental to the primary organizational mission.
  2. Organizations whose primary function is to allocate funds to other charitable organizations or projects.
  3. Projects that will take place outside Orange County.

Philanthropic Giving Application Requirements

  1. All applicants must complete the OCWLA philanthropic giving application form.
  2. Applications must be scanned and submitted electronically only to info@ocwla.org.
  3. Applicants must provide the following information:
    1. Organizational information
    2. How the philanthropic gift will be used
    3. Amount of the philanthropic gift requested
    4. Organization’s 501(c)(3) status
    5. Financial statements for last two years
    6. Current year operating budget
    7. List of Board members
    8. List of Staff of the Organization or organizational chart with staff names
    9. Copy of Organization’s current bylaws

The OCWLA Currently Supports The Following Organizations

OCWLA is proud to announce charitable contributions being made in 2016, with proceeds raised in 2015. Charitable contributions include:

Casa Teresa

Donation: $7,500.00

Casa Teresa is a homeless shelter in Orange that provides housing and resources for pregnant women over the age of 18.  It gives shelter to women who have been kicked out of their homes by their families or are not able to otherwise receive support, are given food, shelter and medical care while they are pregnant. After they give birth, the organization houses mother and baby until they can get on their feet. The mothers are provided with career resources, furniture and low income housing outside of the shelter so they can easily transition back into the workforce. 

Olive Crest

Donation: $7,500.00

Olive Crest is a school, boarding residence, adoption and foster program for children working their way through social services, including developmentally disabled children and children abused or abandoned by their parents.

Orange County Bar Foundation

Donation: $5,000.00

OCBF’s mission is to reach at-risk youth early and provide long-term solutions to the obstacles they face, including access to educational opportunities.  OCBF is a one-stop center for integrated prevention and intervention services that address barriers to education, health, youth crime, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse.

Orange County Collaborative Courts Foundation

Donation: $3,000.00 plus gift cards collected at events

The Collaborative Courts address issues of substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness by providing non-violent offenders judicial supervision with monitored rehabilitation services.  These courts serve combat veterans, at-risk teens, victims of mental illness, and domestic violence victims by assisting them in finding jobs, restoring family relationships, and assuming positions as productive members of society.

Public Law Center

Donation: $2,500.00

PLC provides free civil legal services, including: counseling, individual representation, community education, and strategic litigation and advocacy to challenge societal injustices to low-income and vulnerable residents of Orange County.


OCWLA thanks its members and sponsors for their generous support and contributions in 2015, and looks forward to partnering with members, sponsors and the community, to carry forward the OCWLA’s commitment to the community, women in the legal profession, and all those who support their advancement.

The OCWLA Has Also Given Support To The Following Organizations

El Viento
Caterina's Club
Women Helping Women
Project Short Stop
Human Options

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