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University of California at Irvine School of Law
Anne Nicholson
Hamaseh Sorooshian

Trinity Law School
Deborah Pauly

Western State College of Law   Nancy Sandoval Bailon

Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law
Amanda Simmons 

Law Student Representative Documents

OCWLA Student Representative Responsibilities [PDF]

OCWLA Foundation Bar & Diversity Bar Stipend Awards

July Bar Stipend Due April 20.
February Bar Stipend Due December 20- Extended Deadline

Bar Stipend Award 

OCWLA Foundation is pleased to provide the Bar Stipend Award to worthy law students about to take the bar exam. Offered twice a year, the award is given to the student(s) that best exemplifies the mission of OCWLA, and a commitment to scholarship, community service, advancement of women or women’s issues, financial need, and to Orange County.

Diversity Bar Stipend Award

OCWLA Foundation awards a $1000 Diversity Stipend to a recent law school graduate with a minority ethnic background and achievements and contributions in scholarship, community service, advancement of diversity or diversity issues. Financial need and connection to Orange County are also considered. 

Student Membership

Are you currently a law student interested in joining OCWLA?  As a law student, there is no cost to join the OCWLA, and your membership will allow you to attend OCWLA’s events at the reduced member rate.  As a member of OCWLA, you will become part of a community that is dedicated to the advancement of its members and have the opportunity to attend various networking and other events throughout the year, including monthly lunch meetings, member mixers (including an annual Mardi Gras party and Gala at Pelican Hill), and social events such as hikes, coffee meetups, or movie viewings of relevance to our members. The OCWLA also sponsors events hosted by the affiliate bars of the OCBA, which provide even more networking opportunities for members. 

The OCWLA is dedicated to advancing women in the legal profession by providing a professional network, raising awareness of discrimination and bias, and supporting charitable organizations.

OCWLA offers FREE membership to law students.  Fill out an application today!

California Women Lawyers Nancy E. O'Malley Scholarship

The California Women Lawyers Foundation proudly announces the creation of The Nancy E. O’Malley Scholarship, founded in 2016 to honor CWL Past President Nancy O’Malley (2009-2010) for her dedication and commitment to promoting California Women Lawyers and protecting all women and children in our society.  The scholarship will be awarded annually to a law student whose prior and current activities, and future plans demonstrate a commitment to issues affecting women and/or children in the community.  Women and men are eligible to apply.  Scholarship of $5,000 will be awarded annually.

   Congratulations July 2020 Bar Stipend Winner!

ended up withdrawing from the October 2020 Bar after the uncertainty that was the constantly pushed-out "July" bar exam, and subsequent to my family facing economic challenges during the pandemic.  Withdrawing was a difficult decision for me because I don't step down from challenges and don't typically deviate from the "traditional" path.  I signed up for the February 2021 Bar in November and started studying at the end of November while still working part-time.  I am thrilled to share that I passed this February's administration of the bar exam, on my first try.  

Thank you so much for believing in me and for granting me your Bar Stipend Award.  Your financial help, your belief in me, and your uplifting words were deeply appreciated and helpful to me in achieving this accomplishment. I am now the first person in my family to go to college, to obtain a Master's Degree, to obtain a J.D. and now be the first attorney in my Mexican immigrant family. I am honored."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jennifer Corona

Congratulations July 2018 Bar Stipend Winners!

"I am beyond honored to be a recipient of the Orange County Women Lawyers Association 2018 Bar Stipend Award. This stipend has given me an incredible sense of relief and has helped me tremendously during these demanding and stressful weeks of bar preparation. Thank you OCWLA for this opportunity!"

Alizabeth Ramirez

"This stipend has helped me tremendously by providing financial support for me and my family during this time. I now have one less thing to stress about and can give more to my Bar studies.  Thank you OCWLA for your generosity towards me and for all that you do for women in the community. I am truly grateful."

Monique Posada

"I can still remember the wide smile on my face when I got the phone call that I was selected for the 2018 Bar Stipend Award! This award means a lot to my family and me because it is so much more than financial support.  It represents OCWLA’s commitment to supporting and wishing well the future women lawyers of Orange County. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have OCWLA by my side as I prepare for the bar exam and cannot wait to begin serving my community through my membership with the OCWLA. Thank you OCWLA!"

Suneeta Israni

Congratulations Phuong Luong!

"I am deeply grateful and honored to be selected as one of the recipients of the Orange County Women Lawyers Association, 2018 Bar Stipend Award.  The generous award and thoughtful words from the OCWLA’s Board members have been a tremendous support giving me more strength to overcome this challenging bar exam.  After the bar, I wish to be part of the great mission of the OCWLA and to make greater impact to the community. 

"Thank you OCWLA for this wonderful opportunity."

Phuong Luong

Congratulations July 2017 Bar Stipend Winners!

Rebecca J. Chmura

"Being selected as a recipient of the Orange County Women Lawyers Association’s Bar Stipend Award was a glimmer of hope during this summer’s stressful and tedious bar preparation. I would like to thank the OCWLA for the great honor and to congratulate the other hard-working women who have received the stipend as well!"

Cristel S. Martinez

"I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Orange County Women Lawyers Association 2017 Bar Stipend Award. I migrated to this country when I was nine years old, and as an undocumented student I always had to work full time and attend school at the same time. I could not have afforded all the bar related expenses without this stipend. After passing the bar, I plan to use my education to work towards an equal access for people who are deprived."

Stephanie Rigoli

"I am beyond honored to have received this scholarship. It will allow me to further my educational and legal career so I can continue to make a greater impact in my community. Thank you Orange County Women Lawyers Association for this wonderful opportunity."

Elaine Torres

"I am deeply humbled and honored to be a recipient of the Orange County Women Lawyers Association, 2017 Bar Stipend Award. The OCWLA’s generosity has undoubtedly eased some of the stress that comes with preparing for the bar exam. It is my hope to continue to be a part of the OCWLA and in the future bestow this great honor onto other women who aspire to be part of the legal community."
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