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Unity Bar Summit

Friday, May 24, 2024 12:27 PM | Anonymous

Every year leaders from Bar Affiliates all over California are invited to attend a Summit in Sacramento that addresses the work of each county’s unity bar. At this summit there are panels and speakers that provide updates as to the work of the various Unity Bars. These speakers range from a Supreme Court Justices, Judicial Nominating Secretaries, Retired Justices, and Community leaders. The primary mission of the Unity Bar is to open pathways to the bench for underserved communities, often starting the work at middle schools and high schools.

The Unity Bar Summit's objective is to make the bench reflective of the community and ensure that well qualified applicants do not self-disqualify and let our youth know that they can be Judges or involved in the legal community.

OC has one of the largest Unity Bars Comprised of 13 of its Bar Affiliates including OCWLA.

OCWLA is excited to announce board members Amber Poston, Heidi Plummer were invited and attended!

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